Time to write again…

Well it’s been a couple of years now since I penned ‘You asked me why’. I am playing around with some new ideas and looking forward to getting something fresh posted to http://penden.me. I launched a new Facebook page that I will use in conjunction with my site as well to grow my audience.


Thank you!


2 Replies to “Time to write again…”

  1. „Umtil it’s simple, it’s complex. Simple as that.“
    That is such a well written statement. So true and never thought about it in such a way. Thats powerful.
    I started reading and the word simple has always been a word I’ve embraced. I love the simple things in life I wont deny that. I find a sense of Peace with that word. Most look at it as boring and dismiss the value. Theres beauty in it like a diamond in the rough. Anyway. Theres these little things that you write that might seem simple but the impact is valuable. Thank you for that.


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